For the temporal removal of hair from non-hormone dependent areas such as legs , bikini, armpits, etc, the best known method is waxing.
Using special wax that does not cause irritations and allergies, the results last 2-3 weeks.
The waxing is performed under strict hygiene rules.

Waxing legs: 30 euro
Bikini: 10-15 euro
Calf: 15 euro
Thighs: 10-15 euro
Armpit: 5-10 euro
Hands: 15 euro
Upper lip: 6 euro
Back:20-25 euro
Chest: 20-25 euro
Belly: 10-15 euro

Hair removal with thread

This is an excellent way to remove hair from the upper lip or eyebrows .
The skin is not strained with minimum irritation.

Upper lip: 8 euro
Eyebrow: 8-10 euro

Depilation with needle

The hair removal by using electric current , is designed for the permanent removal of unwanted hairs in hormone-dependent areas, such as upper lip, chin and cheeks.

15 euro ( the 20 minutes)

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