Body treatments


Holistic healing massage

Holistic massage use the harmony of movements..
During treatment, the intensities decrease , the blood circulation increases, bringing balance to the body and spirit.
This massage is a combination of lymphatic puddling, Shiatsu, and Indian Head Massage.

Duration : 60 minutes
Price : 50 euro

Indian Head Massage

It is a mild massage of the head, face and neck ,in order to unblock the bio-energy of these areas.
Using a wide range of pressures and rates, The lymph flow is gradually increased, the circulatory and muscular system is improved and the body toxins are released.

Duration : 20 minutes
Price : 25 euro

Chocolate therapy

Treatment rich in antioxidants that prevent cellular and vascular damage.
This holistic care combats stress and moisturise the skin, offering vitamins and minerals in the body.

Duration : 45 minutes
Price : 35 euro


Holistic Massage
As a body treatment is based on the fat-soluble properties of algae, contributing to skin's firmness and hydration.
It offers deep exfoliation, detoxifies and renews the skin.

Duration : 45 minutes
Price : 40 euro

Oriental massage

Specialized type of massage that uses aromatic pouches with hot stones and nutrient maroula oil.
A stunning rejuvenation treatment that provides body hydration.

Duration : 50 minutes
Price: 50 euro

Cellulite massage

Specialized massage for cellulite problems which activates blood circulation, andincreases the local metabolism.
Visible results in just a few visits.

Duration : 30 minutes
Price : 25 euro

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