Facial therapies


Our face is our mirror at the outside world.

Our face is the place where the aging effect in combination with sun exposure has as a result the appearance of wrinkles, premature aging and dehydration.
Using the most modern methods we offer real solutions.

The treatments

Deep facial cleaning

skin care

Essential care for all skin types.
It relieves the skin of excess sebum and dead cells, while contributing to the renewal of the epidermis.
The frequency of treatment depends on the type of skin.

Duration: 1 1hour and 45 minutes.

Facial ultrasound therapy


Direct solution for anti aging and firming results.
Through the ultrasounds is stimulated the skin's natural ability to produce collagen.

Duration: 1 Hour

Micro lift

(Face Firming)


Effective treatment that fronts the epidermal and muscle relaxation using facial products and special device.

Duration : 1 Hour




The new technique of dermabrasion involves removing part of the stratum corneum, with minimal disruption of the lower part of the epidermis ..
The removal part of the stratum corneum stimulates the epidermal proliferation and leads to renewal of the skin surface ..
It is used for treatment of fine lines,, wrinkles,, acne and also skins with acne problems or photo aging problems..
It's a painless method without irritation.

Duration: 50 minutes


rejuvence facial treatment

This natural face lifting for women and men , combines a set of movements ,shiatsu and massage techniques in the face ,, head, , neck and back ..
Improves the natural skin tone providing deep facial rejuvenation ,wrinkle and scar elimination.

Duration : 60 minutes

Treatment with acids

(AHA therapy)


Advanced treatment of facial renewal that helps in many dermatological problems ..
Indicated in cases of acne, discolorations, scars and wrinkles.

Solar protection therapy

after sun treatment

Based in vitamin C which has proven anti-aging and antioxidant effect.
Protects skin from premature aging, while repairs the damage from solar radiation, offering radiance to the skin.

Collagen- Caviar


Special anti aging treatment based on a combination of plant collagen and caviar.
Provides the skin with natural ingredients and helps in skin's regeneration.

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